Finance House plc introduces Car Capital Release

Date: 2020-05-01

The value of certain classic cars and supercars has increased substantially over the last few years and we understand that you may want to reap the benefits of your investment, whether it’s to buy your next car or to release needed funds.

Finance House plc is introducing their new car capital release finance facility aimed at preserving your passion whilst providing you with the loan you require.

We understand that your high-value car is different and for that reason, our financing packages are as unique as each of your investments. With Finance House you are not only tapping into financing expertise but also a team of car enthusiasts that can share your passion and value your motoring ambitions.

We therefore offer customers a bespoke service, packaged with expertise, enthusiasm and great value. Our passion has always set us apart from other lenders.

The process is fairly straightforward. If you own a debt free motor with an equitable residual value, Finance House can finance up to 80% of the value of your vehicle with a minimum loan value of €40,000.  This facility is available for high net worth owners of Vintage and Antique, high value Classics, Super and Hyper cars. Customers deal directly with us and there is no brokering with any dealer, however it is standard for us that our professional surveyor carries a full vehicle assessment report.

Each loan is specifically tailored to suit you. We design your package based on your personal circumstances, the asset you are seeking to finance and the loan structure you are proposing. Whilst no two deals are ever the same, all loans sanctioned will have to be in line with our lending criteria and other legal obligations. Terms and conditions will apply.

If you’re interested in making the cash tied up in your high-value vehicle work harder, we suggest you send us an email on [email protected] so that we can relay further details and set an appointment for a dedicated appointment. It would be a great privilege for us to see you reaping the rewards from your investments.