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Boat loan

Explore the Med on your very own dream boat!

Let us help you navigate the financing of your boat or yacht so you can hop aboard and enjoy a fun filled Summer! Whether buying your first boat or simply upgrading, we can help you finance your desire for a life of luxury and relaxation so unique to seafaring. Find out more about the benefits of our offering with quick and easy loan processing thanks to our 24/7 online application.

We provide you with an obligation free Boat & Yacht Loan quote. Our offer:

  • We help you finance a new or used boat or yacht up to a loan value of Euro 130,000*
  • Payments at your own pace – we offer a loan term up to 5 years.
  • We endeavour to review loan applications within 48 hours (excluding Sundays and public holidays).
  • Easy online loan calculator to find out the maximum loan you can get and to estimate your monthly payment.

Boat Loans – Lending Terms

Boats or Yachts (New or Used) – up to a value of € 155,000*

  • Front financing of 35%**
  • Minimum loan value €40,000
  • Maximum loan value of €130,00***
  • Minimum repayment period – 1 Year
  • Maximum repayment period – 5 Years